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We will help you to achieve more professionally and personally.  

To understand more about the services we offer, please see the offerings below.

Email Management


How many emails do you receive per day?  How many of those emails do you actually get time to read properly?  How often do you miss out on important opportunities?

Let us do the work for you!  We will put systems in place to stop you from missing out on those important leads, flagging anything that is urgent.

We will hold a meeting with you to understand how you like to work, your tone of voice and we will quickly understand how your business works.

Diary Management


Trying to arrange a meeting isn't always easy, often it involves a lot of back and forth correspondence to get one date in the diary.  

You think the meeting has been agreed and then the day before, boom, it needs rescheduling.  Or it might be that the attendee forgot because you didn't send them an invitation.

Use your time wisely, allow us to take control of your diary, issuing invitations and sending out reminders.

Credit Control


You're working hard when suddenly you realise that you still haven't sent an invoice to your client/customer.  

Or perhaps you still have outstanding invoices and you are OWED MONEY!!

The problem is, you are too busy with other work.

Taking care of your finances is important, we can help you manage your invoices and keep your expenses up to date.

Research Projects


You might need to undertake some competitor analysis or perhaps you need to research something for a document you're creating.  The problem is, it is incredibly time consuming.

Provide us with a brief, the level of detail that you require and let us take care of it all for you.

HR Support


From chasing references to updating employee records, the tasks are important but how much value do they add in terms of monetary value?

We can save you time by chasing and issuing those documents for you on your behalf.

Recruitment Admin


As a recruiter, your time should be spent liaising with companies and getting vacancies filled, doing what you do best!

We can take care of updating job boards, arranging interviews and sending acknowledgements.

Social Media Management


How good is your online presence?  Do you even know what you are doing or is it alien to you?

Social media can be extremely time consuming, especially if you don't know what works or you don't have the head space for it.

From post ideas to scheduling, we can sort this out for you.  We understand how to get the best out of the platforms and we will work closely with you to ensure brand consistency.

Content Creation


Standing out from the crowd isn't easy but one way of doing this is using different types of visuals.  

Working with you, understanding the message you want to convey, we can help create the right type of content for your website and social media.

Using the right tools, we will provide you with professional visuals and they will be a continuation of your brand.  

Animated Videos


Everyone talks about the impact of videos for their business but the problem is, you might not feel comfortable on camera.

We have a solution for you, why not create an animated video, not necessarily of you but of something that demonstrates what your business is about.

Check out the animated video, further down the page.  Admittedly, that one is a little basic but it shows you the potential.

Newsletter Creation


Creating a newsletter template isn't always easy, especially if you are not technically minded.

We can help you to get everything set up and we will work with you to think of content ideas, as well as issuing it at a frequency you set.

Travel & Accommodation


Experienced in arranging travel, accommodation and visas, we will get everything arranged for your next trip.

We will draw up the itineraries and we can research where it is you need to go to and how to get there.

Client Management


Client relationship management is extremely important but when you are jumping from one meeting to the next, it's easy to lose track of time.

Allow us to check in with your clients to make sure that they are happy with everything and to keep you fresh in their minds.

Lifestyle Management


Running your own business can be extremely time consuming, perhaps you are working in the evenings, as well as at the weekends to stay on top of everything.

This means the 'stuff' in your personal life gets missed, from arranging birthday and Christmas gifts, to renewing policies and arranging holidays.

We can do the research for you so that you stay in everyone's good books!

Onsite Assistance


Are there times when you need some onsite support?  Perhaps you have filing piled up high on your desk because you never get around to organising it.

Or maybe you need someone to help you at an event, an extra pair of hands to check people in and to keep everything on track.

Depending on your location, we can help you out.

Something Else?


As a team, we all have our own specialisms and not everything is detailed on this page.

If we were to detail all the services we offer, it would be never ending, so if there is something you need and it isn't mentioned, get in touch, we can help!

Check out this great video to understand a little more about what we offer.

"Clients of Louisa can expect nothing but the best service, results and professionalism in return for their investment – she goes above and beyond, adds value as standard and she really is the ‘John Lewis’ of virtual assistants." 

- Branch Manager

"Recruiting for Louisa has been an entertaining experience, as she has an approachable manner which allows you to talk business but also get the feel of the company culture. Throughout the process, honesty with one another has been the best approach and this is a credit to Louisa’s communication skills by getting the point across but also justifying why." 

- Recruitment Consultant

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