I've been working with Louisa for about 4 months now and I simply can't imagine how I managed before she came along. She has a vast amount of experience, patience, resilience, good humour and a very positive outlook.  

Here's the top 10 reasons I recommend Louisa: 

1) The speed with which she picked up the nuances of my work was impressive and was not straight forward, given the multiple associate and own brand relationships involved. This meant that we've had a productive relationship from get go.  

2) I am made to feel that she cares deeply about getting it right for me and my clients. She always takes time to ask if not absolutely clear.   

3) She knows the business of organising my business inside out. She is always making suggestions of improvement and has transformed systems, processes and my approach to time management. It's not only me that benefits from this new way of working.  

4) She does the stuff I don't like doing and is exceptional at it. As a coach, I'd much rather be coaching or developing myself to be a better coach. Louisa gets this 100% and is superbly patient when trying to update my way of working for the 21st century. I am happier as a result - I don't have to spend endless hours pulling my hair out scheduling and organising stuff.  

5) She has created more time for ME despite these last 4 months being the busiest since I set up. Managing self-care as a business owner is so important.  

6) I trust her implicitly with my clients, many of whom are going through significant transitions (emotional and physical) - her communications are always sensitive, clear and provide confidence.  

7) She is fun to be with, kind, warm and has a human touch. These traits are essential to me, and in fact were the main reason she won my business to start with. We're at work for a large percentage of our lives - she makes the time fly in a good way.  

8) I am made to feel like THE most important client while we are working together - this is quite a skill given Louisa balances and juggles multiple client needs.  

9) Nothing phases Louisa. She manages my constantly changing diary like water off a duck's back- way ahead of time and always with a smile.  

10) She's a great mentor: I have learned about new CRM systems, the best way to set up and use our shared drive, and her approach to LinkedIn marketing is impressive. I learn something new weekly!  

Louisa: You're a star - thank you for making my business run more smoothly and for making my life happier, calmer and more fulfilling as a result. 



Louisa is a great VA to work with, who totally understood what I was looking for. 

I had this idea of an infographic to support the research and Masterclass that I am doing on difficult conversations.

Louisa is offering strategic, operational, organisational & administrative support to people like me.   

Email 1: I get in touch with Louisa van Vessem & explain what I am looking for and she responds straightaway. She is asking the right questions about my brand, colours, font, purpose. 

Email 2: I receive a draft of my infographic within 24 hours. I am thrilled. It's perfect. I love her pace.  

Email 3: I receive the final version that I can use on Twitter and Linkedin. She says she wanted it to be visually appealing, whilst grabbing attention. It does exactly that.  

 What I like about the way Louisa works: 

🏅She communicates well and precisely 

🏅 She understand my needs 

🏅 She is asking the right questions 

🏅 She can align the infographic she creates to my brand 

🏅 She has very high expectations 

🏅 She is a complete finisher 

🏅 She is caring, discreet & so efficient  

Thank you Louisa for helping me serve my clients better. 


 I decided to work with Louisa as she was the first person I met that said she loved LinkedIn and I was intrigued by this, along with her approach to using the platform. 

The mentoring that I received from Louisa was brilliant, with great advice, support and encouragement. Louisa was the first person to offer marketing support that I felt allowed me to remain true to my personal values and refrain from icky sales tactics. 

Since embracing what Louisa has taught me I am enjoying spending time on the platform. I am posting more, having great conversations, whilst also gaining valuable advice and support from other LinkedIn members. 

Without doing one sales post, I have been approached by contacts who want to work with me and this has lead to new opportunities, new clients and an exciting project that wouldn't have happened if I wasn't using LinkedIn. 

If you are on the LinkedIn fence and you want to get involved but you are not sure how, Louisa is your solution. I have renamed her the LinkedIn Queen! 


 I was always hesitant to work with a VA. You need to find someone professional and trustworthy before you can let them in to help you push your business forward. Louisa is that person and she offers far more than what a normal VA would.   

She's good at business strategy, is smart and insightful and works in an open and honest way. She's also extremely helpful to others and gets on with her job with plenty of good humour. 

I also appreciate that Louisa speaks her mind when the time's right. If you need a great VA, you've just found her. 


 Louisa recently helped me with some LinkedIN Coaching which was invaluable to me! I have been on the platform for many years but only started engaging properly from Dec 2018. 

In March this year I signed up with Louisa because I saw one of her video posts and immediately could tell she would be someone I could work with, genuine, honest and knowledgeable. I wasn't disappointed. 

Louisa has helped me with my profile, my posts/content, my delivery, my brand, how I engage with others etc and has given me tips on algorithms and other bits and pieces that I would never have known about! 

Since my sessions with Louisa, my network has grown and my posts and engagement have improved dramatically one post even had 72,000 views!! If you need some help on LinkedIn - Louisa is your go to woman! 


  I recently started working with Louisa as my virtual assistant on an ad hoc basis and the first task I entrusted her with was finding a nice place to have Christmas lunch in Amsterdam within a fairly tight timescale. 

Louisa came up with a number of different options and was available to assist with further questions and clarifications when needed. 

Her whole service, friendliness and professionalism were first class and the location that we finally settled on proved to be excellent.  

Highly recommended! 


 Louisa's VA support was invaluable in the closing stages of writing my book, providing an extra pair of hands to help with the long and detailed task of obtaining sign off for multiple references and quotes. 

Louisa was thorough, professional and went above and beyond what I asked of her, keeping me in the loop at all times so that I could concentrate on finalising other aspects of the project and my day to day coaching business. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louisa as a Virtual Assistant. 


 Louisa was brought in to help with a backlog of work and very quickly brought everything as up-to-date as it could be and re-organised existing systems and improved processes including creating work instructions. 

Louisa is confidently and assertively and chased people for outstanding information and reports. 

I found Louisa's can do attitude refreshing