Louisa's VA support was invaluable in the closing stages of writing my book, providing an extra pair of hands to help with the long and detailed task of obtaining sign off for multiple references and quotes. Louisa was thorough, professional and went above and beyond what I asked of her, keeping me in the loop at all times so that I could concentrate on finalising other aspects of the project and my day to day coaching business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louisa as a Virtual Assistant.

Life and Mindset Coach, Author and Speaker

Louisa provided an excellent service coordinating meetings with my clients and contacts. 

Independent Financial Advisor


Louisa from Workflow VA is our immediate go to when we need to depend on someone to do a good job with our outsourcing and go the extra mile while doing it.


Outsourcing work hasn’t always been an easy quest for us, as in the past we’ve been given back work from others that hasn’t been up to standard. However, outsourcing work to Louisa is easy as she’s thorough, reliable and you always get more than just the work you asked for. She gives you suggestions and nuggets of information that either helps you personally or your business in general. 

We appreciate her conscientious approach before starting a project, whereby she gets a good understanding of the task in hand before commencing and regularly keeps you updated on progress without having to chase her. 


At Wellbeing Umbrella we see Louisa as part of our team and wouldn’t be able to free up so much time to work on other parts of our business if it wasn’t for her. We truly are grateful for her friendly, but professional approach and the difference her input has made to the efficiency within our business.  

Business Owner


Morgana Loze-Doyle, Founder of the Coffee Work Sleep Creative Community


Louisa answered my plea for a tutorial on how to use LinkedIn that I posted in my networking group - CWS Creatives. We had an hour long video call where she knowledgeably talked me through everything I needed to know. 

She was so patient and easy to chat to and I came away feeling like I had lots of useful info to put into practice. 

Peter Sumpton, CIM Tutor and host of the Marketing Study Lab Podcast


I was very lucky to chat to Louisa for my podcast as I wanted to get the inside view about what it's like being a VA... sorry an excellent VA, giving up some of her valuable time to do just that.

Passionate, committed and always has time for her clients and also those that are fortunate enough to speak to her about being a VA.

Louisa cares about her work and it shows in what she provides as a VA as well as her knowledge of the profession. Definitely brought control, clarity and calmness to our chat! 


Louisa is a shrewd, honourable and professional business woman who has strong principles and business ethics – I jumped many of her hoops to win her loyalty and business opportunity of supplying a recruitment service to Blackstar. 

Diligent and discreet, Louisa never fails to impress when adapting to new working styles, processes, agendas and rationales. Her ability to simplify the complicated, turn disorganised chaos into serenity and diplomatically manage client and peer expectations is admirable and refreshing. 

Louisa offers a logical and empathetic business mind who, over the years, has proved to be a valued confidante, client and friend. 

Clients of Louisa can expect nothing but the best service, results and professionalism in return for their investment – she goes above and beyond, adds value as standard and she really is the ‘John Lewis’ of virtual assistants. 

Branch Manager 


During her time at Blackstar Louisa was always a professional, enthusiastic and efficient member of the team.

Covering everything from diaries, travel, HR, KPI/Performance Management and several other large projects, her effort and attention to detail helped to improve many different areas of the company.

Her friendly and personable character mean that she is just as comfortable in a customer facing role as she is dealing with internal staff members.

A hardworking, flexible and conscientious person, Louisa would be a valuable asset to any company or organisation. 

Company Director and Founder


Louisa came in as a temp PA at Praesepe and with little training she quickly adapted to the role. Louisa was brought in to help with a backlog of work and very quickly brought everything as up-to-date as it could be and re-organised existing systems and improved processes including creating work instructions. 

Louisa confidently and assertively and chased people for outstanding information and reports. I found Louisa's can do attitude refreshing and if it wasn't for the fact the journey was to far I would have offered her a permanent role. 

Operations Director


I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Louisa for a number of years. I have always been impressed with how pleasant she is, and how professionally she conducts her work. 

She is an excellent communicator, and quite adept at finding quick solutions. Quite simply, it has been a pleasure to work with her. 

Company President

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