The Team

 While I’m the founder and driving force behind Workflow VA and will always be involved in your project, you might find you deal with one of my team when it comes to your day-to-day tasks.

My hand-picked team of freelancers are specialists in their fields. 

They take care of many of the tasks clients delegate to us, while I focus on the business sidekick end of our services. Some of the team work directly with our clients, while others work more behind-the-scenes, but they’re all important to our success. 

Everyone on the team is selected carefully. 

I have high standards, so I only work with team members whose professionalism, friendliness, experience and skill I’m confident in. I draw from a wide pool of experts, picking the right person for the work that needs to be done. That means there are lots of professionals in the team, so let’s introduce just a few of them.

Meet the Virtual Assistant Team

Meet the Virtual Assistant Team

Meet Michelle


 Michelle has a structured, focused and friendly approach, making her a great fit for complex tasks. If there’s an issue or an approach she thinks could work better, she’s not afraid to speak up (in the best way possible!). 

Michelle has extensive senior-level PA experience with companies (including FTSE 100 clients) globally, and now works from her base in Yorkshire.  

Meet Jay


Jay is confident and organised but has a calm head and a good eye for detail, so she’s great at helping with customer services, sales and managing client relationships. 

Based in Essex, Jay is friendly, bright, brilliantly assertive when she needs to be, and loves getting on the phone with customers.

*Waiting for an actual photo of Jay

Meet Natali


Natali brings a creative eye to the team from her base in Buckinghamshire. 

Her work with us focuses on tasks involving design, infographics, website work, and idea generation, but her background in operational support means she understands how everything we do fits together.

Find out more about the VA support and what the team can help you with.