"The mentoring that I received from Louisa was brilliant, with great advice, support and encouragement. Louisa was the first person to offer marketing support that I felt allowed me to remain true to my personal values and refrain from icky sales tactics."

- Trisha, Imposter Syndrome Coach

 "Louisa has helped me with my profile, my posts/content, my delivery, my brand, how I engage with others etc and has given me tips on algorithms and other bits and pieces that I would never have known about!"  

- Penny, Transformational Coach

LinkedIn Mentoring

Love it or hate, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. It’s a great resource for anyone who runs their own business and I love using it! Yes, it’s a business platform, but it's also excellent for building relationships, creating collaborations and of course, meeting new clients. That's why I started offering LinkedIn mentoring alongside my other virtual assistant and business sidekick services.

With me, LinkedIn mentoring is relaxed and fun. I’ll share with you the tips and methods I use to get more engagement on the platform, but in a no pressure, non-salesy way. You’ll find there’s no pressure from me – you can take what you like from the session and work out from there how to get the most out of LinkedIn for you.

Looking at your profile 

Your profile is the first information people see about you on LinkedIn, so let’s get it right. I'll give you honest feedback on your profile presents you at the moment. Then, I'll share some tips on how to introduce yourself online to get the best results. By the time we’re done, you’ll have an All-Star profile! 

Sorting your settings 

Managing your LinkedIn settings can make a big difference to how you get on with the platform. We’ll go through the most important settings and I'll explain what each one means and the options you have. Together we’ll make sure you get the notifications you need (without being flooded with them) and review your privacy settings so people can see what you want them to see – nothing more and nothing less.

Reviewing your engagement 

I'll take a good look at how you've been using the platform up until now, including things like what and how frequently you post, any articles you've written, and how you engage with other people. I'll explain what’s helping you at the moment and where you could make changes and get better engagement.

Content planning 

We’ll have a chat about what you might want to post in the future, so you go away from the session with some ideas to try. We'll talk about what mix of content might work for you, based on what you want to get from LinkedIn.

4-8 weeks after our first chat we'll talk again, looking at how you’ve been using the platform since that first session. We’ll adjust things that aren't working and build on what is. You can ask me any questions that you’ve thought of since we last spoke, and iron out anything that’s not quite clear.

Come over and say hello!

I love LinkedIn, it is my favourite platform and I get  business and opportunities from it, without being salesy!

Come over and check out my profile and whilst you are on my page have a read of the testimonials,

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How does it work?

Standard LinkedIn mentoring costs £197 and for that you get two sixty-minute phone calls, 4-8 weeks apart. Sometimes clients find it useful to book extra follow-up sessions at a later date, and you can do that for an extra fee. Extra sessions can be especially useful if your goals change, you rebrand, or if new challenges pop up. 

Interested in LinkedIn mentoring?