LinkedIn Mentoring


  • Are you new to the platform?
  • Do you feel the platform is only for corporate people?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the platform?
  • Do you know what to post?
  • Are your posts getting 'seen'?
  • Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut with it and getting nowhere?


You keep hearing about how people are getting work from LinkedIn and yet your posts are lucky to get 100+ views.

You have followed all of the advice and yet, something still isn't clicking into place for you. Perhaps you're even thinking of closing your account!

This is why I have put together this programme because I understand  your frustrations.


I will provide you with open and honest feedback and I will give you an alternative perspective on how you might appear to your target audience.

I continues to get results from LinkedIn, with 90% of my client base coming from the platform.

During the two sessions, I will explain how to nurture relationships on LinkedIn and how to create the right type of content, for your audience.

Cost:  £197.00  The price includes two, one hour sessions.
Session 1

  • Honest feedback of your profile
  • Tips to create an 'All-Star' profile
  • Review of your current postings and engagements
  • Content suggestions
  • Strategies for going forward

Session 2 (Scheduled for 4-8 weeks, after the initial call)  

  • Honest feedback on changes made
  • Discussion on what has worked and what hasn't
  • Sounding board
  • Content suggestions

Further sessions are available at £97.00 per hour. 

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I love LinkedIn, it is my favourite platform and I get  business and opportunities from it, without being salesy!

Come over and check out my profile and whilst you are on my page, have a read of the testimonials,

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"The mentoring that I received from Louisa was brilliant, with great advice, support and encouragement. Louisa was the first person to offer marketing support that I felt allowed me to remain true to my personal values and refrain from icky sales tactics."

- Trisha, Imposter Syndrome Coach

 "Louisa has helped me with my profile, my posts/content, my delivery, my brand, how I engage with others etc and has given me tips on algorithms and other bits and pieces that I would never have known about!"  

- Penny, Transformational Coach