LinkedIn Mentoring


  • Are you new to the platform?
  • Do you feel the platform is only for corporate people?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the platform?
  • Do you know what to post?
  • Are your posts getting 'seen'?
  • Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut with it and getting nowhere?

It's time to seek advice!

You keep hearing about how people are getting work from LinkedIn and yet your posts are lucky to get 100+ views.

You have followed all of the advice and yet, something still isn't clicking into place for you. Perhaps you're even thinking of closing your account!

This is why I have put together this programme because I understand  your frustrations.  

I will provide you with open and honest feedback and I will give you an alternative perspective on how you might appear to your target audience.

I continues to get results from LinkedIn, with 90% of my client base coming from the platform.

During the two calls, I will explain how to nurture relationships on LinkedIn and how to create the right type of content, for your audience.

Some tips to make a difference

I created this video for LinkedIn but I thought it made sense to share it here too.

Sadly, you can't leave comments below but if you are looking to improve yourself on LinkedIn and you would like to love the platform as much as I do, get in touch!  


In case you are interested, here is the link to the post:

LinkedIn, Louisa's favourite platform!

I first created her LinkedIn profile on the 24th November, 2007.  Initially, it was created as a way of keeping in touch with colleagues and I rarely did anything with my account.  

Overtime, that changed and I started to embrace the platform.  Around 2010, I started to view it as an online CV board and a place to find jobs but in 2011, my view changed and I started to realise it was a way of keeping in touch with all connections made, not 'just' colleagues.  

As part of my Executive Assistant role, I was also responsible for managing the HR and recruitment for an SME business.   As part of that position, I used the platform to headhunt potential employees, as well as posting jobs.

My view of LinkedIn changed again, when I made the move to become self employed.  Suddenly, I realised I needed to maximise the potential of the platform but it wasn't until 2018, when I 'really' embraced the platform.  The timing was perfect too because it no longer felt stuffy and instead, it became more of a social business platform, rather than the corporate feel, it once had.

Why is it my favourite platform?

Initially, I was still apprehensive about the platform because there was so much contradictory advice about what you should and shouldn't do.  It felt as though everyone was an expert but no matter what I did, I wasn't getting the results I needed.

Recognising that something needed to change, I started to show more of my personality and I tried lots of different tactics from posts at different times of the day, to how to structure content and what to post.

Suddenly, it all fell into place and I started to notice a difference in terms of views, engagement, connection requests, people wanting to work with her and private messages.  It suddenly clicked, my testing of the platform was having positive results and it was a lot of fun!

Are you feeling stuck in a rut with LinkedIn?

That's exactly how I felt when I started to use the platform as a VA, lost and unsure but through what I learnt, I can help you to start to embrace the platform.

Don't take my word for it, check out my profile and the reviews.

Louisa's LinkedIn profile