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"Louisa is a very dedicated, efficient and friendly PA with great interpersonal skills.  She always went the extra mile to ensure all of her business responsibilities were on time and all parties involved were fully informed." - Personal Assistant

"Louisa was great to work with. Hard-working, detail conscious and reliable with a desire to help. She flagged issues which could have been detrimental to the business if they weren't addressed, and went out of her way to help with tasks that weren't a part of her day to day responsibilities." - Sales Manager

"Louisa is extremely diligent in providing service to her customers. She assesses the need, and then undertakes the tasks necessary to complete them using her initiative at all time.  Louisa is quite at home when dealing with external clients, her manner is always polite yet firm, ensuring that she is understood.  She is extremely competent when present with tasks that she is expected to own, from reporting to team travel co-ordinator, ensuring she delivers what the team expect, a no-fuss, correct and complete service." - Business Analyst