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We save entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups and private clients, time and money

Delegate ♦ Grow ♦ Transform

Louisa, the founder of Workflow Virtual Assistant, launched the business in 2017 to provide outstanding, executive business and lifestyle support.  


♦  Stop doing the jobs you hate

♦  Play to your strengths and do what you do best

♦  We will give you the time to focus on what you enjoy, professionally and personally


♦  Giving you time to focus on developing and implementing a plan for growth 

♦  We facilitate brainstorming and mind mapping sessions for you to think strategically 

♦  Working with us is like having a mini-mastermind, giving you a sounding board to your unforeseen potential!


♦  We will suggest new ways of working to make you more efficient and effective, such as new apps or different processes to try

♦  With our help and support, you will transform the way you work and live your life

♦  Switch off, avoid the burnout of screen time and enjoy time with family and friends or time for you to do what you love doing in your spare time!

Working virtually means we can support you from wherever you are but in case you wanted to know, Louisa is based in Blackburn (North West of England) and her Associates are based in Northampton (East Midlands) and London.  

Meet Louisa, Founder of Workflow Virtual Assistant

Meet Louisa, Founder of Workflow Virtual Assistant

"Louisa provided an excellent service coordinating meetings with my clients and contacts." 

- Independent Financial Advisor

"Louisa from Workflow VA is our immediate go to when we need to depend on someone to do a good job with our outsourcing and go the extra mile while doing it." 

- Business Owner

Get in touch with Louisa

Telephone: 07875 652 982
Email: Louisa@WorkflowVA.com